community relationship building

Born out of Bon Secours' Building Healthy Communities Initiative, the role of Community Relationship Building is to lead efforts towards building healthier communities throughout Greenville, SC. We do so using a multi-level process of community engagement, grassroots advocacy, and strategic partnerships with public or private organizations and individuals to make impact happen in our local communities from the inside out.

We seek to leverage our health care resources, Community Ministry services and programs, clinical expertise, and our relationships to best target the sources of poor health rather than just address the symptoms. Whether the source relates to Clinical Health and Physical Wellness, Housing, Economic Development, Going Green, Social Justice, Youth Engagement, Senior Advocacy, Peace and Safety, Neighborhood Planning and Design, Language Barriers, or general Community Engagement, this department exists to arrive at a process that works best for that community, one community and one person at a time!

current communities of focus

future communities to be identified

St. Francis works to build relationships with any community seeking to enhance the health and wellness of their community while also connecting individuals and groups of people across demographics, professions, and walks of life to share in the conversation and planning of ideas and strategies that lead to better health.  Recognizing that no community exists within a vacuum, we seek to make impact that not only affects the health of that neighborhood, but has implications and inclusion for the larger Greenville, SC community.

current relationship building activities


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