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Cardiac Catheterization 

Dr. Thomas Siachos | Upstate Cardiology

Dr. Mark Grabarczyk | Upstate Cardiology

Cardiac Ablation 

Dr. Craig McCotter | Upstate Cardiology

Cardiac Outcomes

Dr. Christopher Smith | Upstate Cardiology

Women and Heart Disease

Dr. Barbara Moran-Faile | Upstate Cardiology

Heart Attacks and Women

Dr. Jon Bittrick | Upstate Cardiology


Sports Medicine

Dr. Thomas Baumgarten | Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates

Dr. John Vann | Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates

Back and Neck Surgery

Dr. Emmett Lucas | Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates

Dr. Christopher Van Pelt | Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates

Foot Problems

Dr. Michael Tollison | Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates

women's health

Breast Health

NAPBC Accredited Breast Health Navigators

First Visit to the Gynecologist

Dr. Vanessa Mazzoli | Carolina Women's Health

Dr. Brandi Alt | Highlands Center for Women

Dr. Tiffany Rhodes | Upstate OB-GYN Group

Pelvic Repair

Dr. Everett Fuller | Highlands Center for Women


Dr. Stephanie Dach | Upstate OB-GYN Group

Dr. John McKay, Medical Director, St. Francis Neonatal Unit

Dr. Phillip Greig | Upstate Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Hysterectomy Options

Dr. Todd Lantz | Upstate OB-GYN Group

Dr. Edward Heidtman | Carolina Women's Health

Dr. David Godwin | Highlands Center for Women

general health

Tests Everyone Should Have 

Dr. James Anderson | Internal Medicine & Diagnostics


Dr. Joseph Kubiak | Palmetto Pulmonary & Critical Care

Dr. Ahmad Boota | Palmetto Pulmonary & Critical Care


Hernia Surgery

Dr. Michael Towler | Carolina Surgical Associates

Thyroid Surgery

Dr. Joseph Millican | Carolina Surgical Associates

Gallbladder Surgery

Dr. Michael Towler | Carolina Surgical Associates

Lung Cancer Surgery

Dr. Thomas Mann, Jr. | Carolina Surgical Associates

Dr. Ezzat El-Bayoumi | Palmetto Pulmonary & Critical Care

Bariatric Surgical Weight Loss

Dr. David Anderson | Carolina Surgical Associates

Dr. Jeffrey Chaudhari | Carolina Surgical Associates


Dr. Johnny Goforth, III | Carolina ENT




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