Premier Cites Bon Secours for Best Practice

Hospital purchasing and quality alliance group Premier reports that many hospitals are overusing blood tranfusions during surgery. This drives up cost for patients and dwindles already short supplies of blood. The report cites Bon Secours Health System as a leader in working with surgeons to reduce the amount of blood products it uses.

Bon Secours explored transfusion practices just among 12 heart surgeons, who practice at Bon Secours hospitals in New York, Kentucky, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Because each surgeon had a different set of protocols, there was a wide variation in the volume, thresholds, and frequency of use of blood from one surgeon to the next, says Marlon Priest, MD, the system's executive vice president and chief medical officer.

After four years of implementing best practices in transfusion medicine, Priest says, Bon Secours' surgeons were able to reduce the need for blood from an average of 6.2 units per heart surgery patient to 2.2 units. Since each unit costs about $1,100 to administer, that's an average saving of $4,400 per patient.

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