Joint Camp Becomes First in Upstate to Receive Certification from The Joint Commission

The Bon Secours St. Francis Joint Camp program officially became the first program of its kind in Upstate South Carolina certified by the Joint Commission for total knee replacement and total hip replacement surgery. The program underwent a very thorough survey, and met all of Joint Commission’s disease specific certification requirements.  

The award read, ”The Joint Commission would like to thank your organization for participating in the certification process. This process is designed to help your organization continuously provide safe, high-quality care, treatment, and services by identifying opportunities for improvement in your processes and helping you follow through on and implement these improvements. We encourage you to use the certification process as a continuous standards compliance and operational improvement tool. The Joint Commission is granting your organization a Passed Certification decision for all services reviewed under the applicable manual noted below: Disease Specific Care Certification Manual”.

Of course, it is the Joint Camp staff and physicians who earned this certification. Dr. Stephen Ridgeway, Medical Director of Joint Camp told the surveyor, “people who work in the Joint Camp program continually strive to improve processes and make sure patients and families receive the very best care. The Joint Commission surveyor witnessed our approach with her own eyes. She was impressed with every employee she encountered and said she found staff to be friendly, engaged, and enthusiastic and team players. The surveyor also talked to five patients and family members – everyone raved about the care they were receiving. There were also many positive comments about our pre-surgery education program (“Prehab”)." 

For more information about Joint Camp, plan to attend a FREE Hip & Knee Pain Seminar. Participants learn about the anatomy of knees and hips, common conditions that affect both, and treatment options, including joint replacement surgery. Patients will also be able to sign up to see an orthopedic physician if they need an appointment. To register, call 864-213-4958.      

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