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The decision to live a healthy lifestyle is an individual one, but as an employer you can help your employees make healthy choices:

  • Eating breakfast is one of the best ways to speed metabolism, but employees often fall into a trap when there are fat-filled doughnuts and pastries at their fingertips. Avoid bringing in these types of foods and youll avoid unnecessarily tempting your coworkers.
  • If your employees spend most of their time in front of a computer, encourage them to take short, three to five-minute breaks to get up and walk around. This kind of break gets the blood flowing and can help productivity increase while the waistlines decrease.
  • When choosing catering for an employee meeting, always have a few healthy choices among the spread. In addition to the usual side salad, try offering one traditional entre and a lighter version, like grilled chicken or veggie skewers.
  • Replacing sugary sodas with water can help employees shed pounds. Consider installing a water cooler for everyone to use it encourages healthy patterns and is much cheaper than stocking up on water bottles.
  • Most places of business have it: the tempting jar of treats at the front desk or in the break room. Try replacing the candy with fresh fruit, such as bananas, apples and pears.
  • Suggest healthy options when eating out, take the stairs when traveling to meetings and park near the back of the parking lot at work. These little steps can add up, and your good habits can rub off on your coworkers.

HealthySteps is all about making it easy for your employees to choose healthy options. For more ideas, call St. Francis WorkWell Occupational Health at 864-675-4601 to find out about the program.

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