HealthySteps program

HealthySteps by WorkWellhelps plan for the future by investing in the health of employees today. Rising healthcare costs and an aging workforce are creating new and significant challenges for employers. Risk identification and early intervention are key to managing healthcare of employees. The WorkWell Prevention Team engages and challenges employees through critical analysis of current health status and charts a course for health enhancement with bottom-line outcomes of improved health and productivity. To find out how to bring HealthySteps to your workplace, call 864-675-4601. Check out these health tips from HealthySteps >>

risk reduction program

HealthySteps risk reduction program options include:
  • Ongoing, on-site care provided by a Nurse Practitioner
  • Individualized health coaching sessions
  • Specialized high-risk counseling
  • Periodic blood chemistry testing
  • Quarterly health education classes
  • Focused Incentive Programs
  • HealthySteps Challenge

on-site clinics 

Onsite clinics staffed by certified Nurse Practitioners can provide continuity, ongoing medical care and follow up. The nurse practitioner will provide care for both acute and chronic illness, provide educational support, diagnostic procedures, referrals and medication management.

individualized health coaching sessions

Our health navigators work with your employees to focus, direct, educate and create health goals with accountability. Health coaching is individualized based on health risk appraisal, employee readiness and risk triage.

specialized high-risk counseling

Counseling may be required from time to time for specialized risk reduction programming or health program optimization. This counseling may include a Registered Dietitian, Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Personal Trainer, Ergonomist or other specialized health educator.

periodic blood chemistries

Blood chemistries can be drawn either on site or at WorkWell Occupational Health. Chemistry panels will be customized based on individual need and provided at appropriate intervals for monitoring, positive feedback and course correction.

quarterly health education classes

Health classes can be taught on-site with special emphasis on areas of group interest and special need. Programs are especially effective when focused by the aggregate risk appraisal data of the employee population. Class topics range from Heart Healthy Eating to Medical Consumerism.

focused incentive programs

These programs target the special needs of a particular employee population. Programming combines health education, physical activity and friendly team competition. The result is improved individual and group health, enhanced productivity and a stronger team.

HealthySteps challenge

The HealthySteps Challenge is a year-long program that focuses on three to six core behaviors, focused by the Health Risk Appraisal data. Points are awarded for ongoing participation and accomplishments, and can make employees eligible for rewards. Challenges include adding 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times per week, eating recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, and abstaining from tobacco products.

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