CT imaging

Computed Tomography (CT) is a non-invasive, painless procedure that uses special X-rays to take cross sectional pictures of the inside of the body.

St. Francis' GE Lightspeed 64-slice scanner uses advanced technology that provides the worlds fastest, clearest and most accurate CT scan. The scan generates 64 high-resolution images per rotation and can capture images of whole organs in one second, the heart in five beats, or a view of the entire body in less than 10 seconds.

Not only does this CT scanner produce images quickly, it also minimizes the patients exposure to radiation, is totally painless, and requires patients to hold their breath for a shorter amount of time than traditional CTs.

St. Francis is ACR Accredited in CT Imaging.

3-D imaging

St. Francis was the first to bring 3D CT imaging to the Upstate. Our multiple state-of-the-art 3D workstations turn ordinaryCT scansinto incredibly detailed 3D images of the heart, vasculature, GI tract and orthopedic structures.

CT testing for the heart

Our state-of-the-art Coronary CTA imaging system is changing how physicians diagnose heart disease and chest pain. It helps discover the cause of chest pain in one fast, reliable scan, helping them identify clogged arteries and coronary heart disease with high-definition images of the heart in 3D.

Cardiac Calcium Scoring is a non-invasive procedure that uses CT images to give detailed images from inside the heart to detect a build up of plaque on the coronary arteries. After the procedure, you physician will give you a score that correlates to your risk of developing heart disease.

virtual colonoscopy

St. Francis is one of the first facilities in the Upstate to offer virtual colonoscopy a non-invasive alternative to traditional colonoscopy that uses CT imaging to see polyps and other lesions in the colon. The patient benefits to virtual colonoscopies include:

  • High-quality 3D images that are as good as those shown by conventional colonoscopy

  • No pain medicine or sedation, resulting in no recovery time

  • Lower risk of colon perforation


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