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If you play baseball either on a team or for fun it is important to warm up before you play. Warming up your whole body, especially your shoulders, can help keep you off the disabled list. Some tips for warming up before a game:

  • Jog around the field one time to get a sweat going.
  • Extend your arms and make some rotations to warm up your shoulders.
  • Stand half way between first base and home plate and have a partner stand at home plate.
  • Throw back and forth with your partner 10 times at this distance. Move back to first base, and throw with your partner another 10 times. Then, take 15 steps back and do another 10 throws.
After practice or a game, do the exercises below to stretch your shoulders:
  • Hold your throwing arm at the wrist with your other hand. Put your arm over your head and pull gently, feeling your upper arm against your head. You should feel the stretch inside your shoulder.
  • Hold the elbow of your throwing arm with your other hand. Gently pull your throwing arm across your chest. You should feel the stretch inside your shoulder, especially at the back.
  • Stand or sit with your pitching arm out to the side and your elbow bent.
  • Move your arm back until you feel the stretch in the front of your shoulder.
  • Remember, if you pitch in a game, make sure to get plenty of rest between starts. If you pitch more than five innings you should take at least four days off before pitching again. Throwing lightly over a short distance is recommended two days after pitching.

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