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cycling injury prevention tips

  • The most important thing you can do to limit injuries is to have a bike is in good working condition that fits properly. If you need help, check with a local bike shop.
  • Wear biker shorts when riding to help pad your body. Talk with an experienced cyclist for brand recommendations.
  • Pump up your tires to the recommended levels before every ride.
  • If you are new to cycling or have been off the bike for a long period, make your first ride a short one. If nothing hurts following the ride, try riding a little bit farther the next time. Gradual progress helps prevent overuse injuries.
  • As your rides get longer and harder, avoid participating in hard rides back to back.
  • If you do difficult intervals one day, go for a medium to long recovery ride the next.
  • Vary your terrain occasionally switch between strenuous climbing rides and some relatively flat rides.
  • Stretch after you ride to limit soreness, increase range of motion, and decreased recovery time.
  • If after several rides you have pain in your knee or back, have your bike refitted.

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