eye surgery

Eye surgery is increasingly popular, both for medical and cosmetic reasons. St. Francis supports almost every modern eye surgical technique in use today, including retina laser surgery. Most eye surgeries, including procedures for cataracts and macular degeneration, are offered on an outpatient basis.


Cloudy vision is a common effect of aging. A condition, called a cataract, occurs when the lens of the eye becomes opaque and prevents clear focus. Symptoms include trouble seeing in bright light, double vision in one eye, fading color and poor night vision. Cataract surgery to implant an artificial lens is the most-performed surgery in the United States. At St. Francis, our special 'fast-track' outpatient cataract surgery enables cataract patients to get in and out of surgery in just a few hours. With the fast-track procedure, surgeons make small incisions and use no stitches. Use of a local anesthetic further reduces recovery time. The surgery produces very little pain, and in most cases, patients can shed their glasses except for reading.

macular degeneration

St. Francis provides outpatient laser-surgery services for treating macular degeneration. This progressive eye disorder stems from damage to the macula, which lies at the back of the retina. Typically, the central vision is impaired but peripheral, or side, vision is unaffected. Macular degeneration is not reversible, but it may be possible to prevent further deterioration by closing leaking vessels. Early diagnosis and treatment is key; people older than 50 who experience sudden vision changes should seek treatment immediately.

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