energize your life

Need a mood boost? Feeling fatigued? We know you haven't lost your zest for life ... you may just need a dash of inspirationand spirit with these great ideas from St. Francis.

from our very helpful tips for energizing your life. Reinvigorate your mind, body,

stay hydrated

Water, an essential ingredient...

Are you tired, or just dehydrated? Sometimes we can confuse fatigue with the fact that our body is telling us simply, "I'm thirsty!" The solution? Add more water to your daily food and beverage intake.

It is recommended that the average adult woman have 9 cups of fluid per day. Your body receives water intake not only from beverages but from some of the foods you eat, like fresh fruit and vegetables. Your total fluid intake does include all beverages you drink in a day (like coffee, tea,etc.), but water is always the best choice for a cool, low-calorie,healthy option.

Drinking water is also especially important during and after your workouts, since your body loses about 4 cups of water per hour of exercise.

get moving

A pinch of exercise...

Think moving off the couch is going to make you even more exhausted? Actually, getting physical gets the blood pumping and moves oxygen to the tissues, therefore giving energy and mood a boost. Other benefits to regular exercise include better relaxation and sleep, body strength and tone, and stronger immune functions.

It only takes about 30 minutes a day! So take a mile walk or go running, try yoga or Pilates, play with your kids, or just dance around your living room...it'll revitalize you.

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